Notice : Weekly Update

Hi Guys,

As you have noticed, our comic updates are slow or once on a weekly basis. Gaien is really busy with college projects so he can’t really draw much at the moment but rest assured we will provide new banner and perhaps site redesign (new look) along with Friday and Sunday comic updates once Gaien is back soon. Until then, enjoy the updates and have great weekend!

Missing Pages / Comics Fixed

Hi Guys!

We are happy to announce missing pages / comics fixed! Please do tell us any errors / bugs / missing pages / comics so we can fix it right away for your convenience!

Thank you!

2Gamerz Upgrade!

Hi Guys!

We’ve updated this site’s features and stuffs which includes:
- Categorized comics.
Currently there are two categories; Usual for ‘strip’ comics and as you know, Let the Game Begin for our first ‘story’ category comic which we put into volumes and chapters.
- Better archiving method
- Comment system! no need to go to forum anymore :XD: You can register / Login under ‘General’ Menu and post your comment!
- You can also navigate comics using keyboard arrow keys (left, right)
- Cute Emoticons! Click Here for more info
- For avatars, we use Gravatar. Simply register your email and upload your gravatar photo there and it’ll automatically shown here after you post a comment.
- There’s a ‘Quick Jump’ drop down menu above ‘General Menu’ for fast access to all the comics.
- Compatible with major browsers; ie, firefox, chrome, safari.

Please do tell us if you found any glitches / bugs.

Happy Reading!