2Gamerz Upgrade!

Hi Guys!

We’ve updated this site’s features and stuffs which includes:
- Categorized comics.
Currently there are two categories; Usual for ‘strip’ comics and as you know, Let the Game Begin for our first ‘story’ category comic which we put into volumes and chapters.
- Better archiving method
- Comment system! no need to go to forum anymore :XD: You can register / Login under ‘General’ Menu and post your comment!
- You can also navigate comics using keyboard arrow keys (left, right)
- Cute Emoticons! Click Here for more info
- For avatars, we use Gravatar. Simply register your email and upload your gravatar photo there and it’ll automatically shown here after you post a comment.
- There’s a ‘Quick Jump’ drop down menu above ‘General Menu’ for fast access to all the comics.
- Compatible with major browsers; ie, firefox, chrome, safari.

Please do tell us if you found any glitches / bugs.

Happy Reading!

  • VlaD

    Dude, i love your comic/maga-esque, the draws are nice and the jokes are the best xD

    Do you have a Deviant art or something like that?

  • Mezzan

    Oh yes, here: http://4y4m.deviantart.com i’ll make an image link of this under links for easy access later :XD:

  • http://infinite-ion.deviantart.com Infinite-Ion

    Lulz, the hypno-toad has made a comeback and is wanting world domination! :XD:

  • drakel

    Inigo Montoya: You keep on using that word. i do not think it means what you think it means

  • blarging2000s


  • scja

    Coolness amplified! Give us more more more!